What We Do
Looking for the best and the brightest

Sourcing and Selection of Manpower

Agency and Principal Interaction

An open communication is maintained with principals and any time manpower needs to be managed or recruited, it is our job to get hold of the vacancies that need to be filled according to the standards set by the principal and international maritime law.

Proven Strategies

Seafarers are very carefully screened, making sure only highly qualified and  certified applicants are employed.  Our management team always ensures that high quality standards are checked and followed. The recruitment process maybe tedious but vessel/ship owners are given a list of qualified candidates and crew applicants have a series of screening to undergo in order to evaluate their capabilities.

Training and Certification

Training and Assessments

Partnership with the right organizations

Successful candidates paired with the right job. This is a task we take very seriously. Therefore, it is important that we coordinate with accredited and established organizations to provide our crew with any additional skills training or regular trainings. It is essential for the crew to keep up with the necessary qualifications and therefore, we aim at keeping an updated roster.  Vessel owners can refer to this roster and make an informed decision when choosing a seafarer.

To equip with the right tools

Management team will be on hand to follow up and to make sure all crew, whether on stand by or for placement, will be able to complete the requirements for a  job  before going offshore. 

We establish the relationship between the vessel and the crew to make sure all preparations, documentations etc. are finished on time.  Industry certifications and proper documentation both for our company and  ship owners are the essential tools in making a binding crew management contract. 


People Management

Placement and Management

Responsibility and Dedication

Deploying the selected crew involves a list that would  equip the crew all the necessary materials they need on shore and off shore. Tackling each one requires both the responsibility of the operations team as well as the focus of the crew.

Scheduling  and  briefing are also crucial to getting the job done. Constant communication with the vessel/ship owners prior to placement is a must in order to avoid any mistakes. 

Specialized Management

Clients are looked after by our dedicated Operations team, responsible for appointing the suitable seafarers to join vessels, crew shifts and communicating important operational information back to base.  Updates on crew for ship owners are an important  aspect of seafarer management. 

We also take part in on-going management and administrative duties of the seamen/crew, such as payroll, insurance and health plans, continuing travel arrangements and even overall career development.